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Mitch is a digital transformation leader in marketing, revenue and strategy with over 20 years’ experience related to marketing, brand, automation or other tactical efficiencies. Throughout my career, I have managed global marketing teams, and I take pride in helping companies set and achieve their goals. I am also crazy about youth sports and mentoring/coaching. The world can be a better place, and everyone can be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. That is a great goal and I will always cheer for that!

Marketing Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing Leadership

Explore the crucial role of diversity and inclusion in marketing leadership. This post delves into how embracing varied perspectives enhances creativity, boosts market understanding, and leads to more effective strategies, illustrated with compelling examples from global brands.

Decoding Social Media Algorithms

Algorithm Secrets:

In the digital age, understanding social media algorithms is not just beneficial; it’s essential for any business seeking to maximize its online impact. This post delves deep into how these algorithms work, offering insights into predictive analytics and machine learning to help businesses tailor their content strategies effectively.

Build your Social Media Brand

Building Your Brand on Social Media:

In today’s digital landscape, social media serves as a dynamic platform for businesses to establish and grow their brand identity. This guide delves into the essential steps of selecting the right social media channels, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, and fostering meaningful engagement. From Burt’s Bees’ Instagram success to Wendy’s Twitter wit, we explore real-world examples of effective brand building online.

Build your Social Media Brand

Building Your Social Media Brand:

Dive deeper into the world of social media branding with our comprehensive guide. Discover how to create a safe and engaging online community, empower your employees as brand advocates, and develop a brand personality that truly resonates with your audience. We also cover leveraging platform-specific tools to maximize engagement, offering a blueprint for businesses to not only grow their online presence but to build lasting connections with their audience.

Thought leadership in marketing

Thought Leadership in Marketing:

Dive into the world of thought leadership in marketing. This comprehensive guide discusses how marketing leaders can establish themselves as industry thought leaders, offering insights and building credibility to foster trust. From Apple’s innovation to HubSpot’s educational content, learn from real-world examples how thought leadership shapes successful marketing strategies.

Business Consulting

The Vital Role of External Perspectives in Business Growth

Imagine the impact of fresh, unbiased insights on your business strategy. Whether a family-run venture or a large corporation, external consulting offers invaluable perspectives. It’s not just advice; it’s a strategic partnership for innovation, growth, and resilience. Discover how regular expert guidance can elevate your business to new heights, addressing challenges and uncovering hidden opportunities.

Website Lead Generation

Beyond the Homepage: Leveraging Your Website for Effective Lead Generation

Dive into an in-depth exploration of transforming your website into a highly effective lead generation tool. Discover the art of crafting compelling CTAs, leveraging insightful analytics, and designing intuitive navigation structures. Learn from industry leaders and real-world examples to make your website a cornerstone of your business’s success.

Mitch Levinson

Hello! I am Mitch Levinson

I am a digital transformation leader in marketing, revenue and strategy that has over 20 years’ experience working with companies focused on growth related to marketing, brand, automation or other tactical efficiencies.

“Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.”

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