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Joey’s Journey’s: An Inclusive Vacation Group

Set Sail for Adventure & Inclusion: Joey’s Journeys Inaugural Cruise and Fundraiser!

Join us on an unforgettable journey of discovery and support! and please also visit

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  • Embark on a cruise designed for ALL abilities. Enjoy friendly amenities, trained staff, and accessible spaces, creating a worry-free environment for the whole family.
  • Experience the transformative power of travel. Discover new cultures, create lasting memories, and witness the joy of inclusion firsthand.
  • Make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Your participation directly supports Joey’s Journeys, a non-profit organization providing assistance for families with special needs children to enjoy enriching travel experiences and building awareness of the community. 

Our kids should not miss out on ‘seeing the world’ or ‘partying on New Years!”.

This is the cruise we are going on and you must book with our travel agent to be part of our group and get the group incentives and rates, but HURRY, as there is a limit to the number of discounted cabins in our group.

Royal Caribbean 7 nights: December 29, 2024

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Cruise Highlights:

  • Priority boarding and assistance: Skip the lines and feel welcomed from the start.
  • Sensory-friendly activities: Enjoy calming spaces, quiet times, and activities tailored to individual needs.
  • Accessible accommodations: Spacious cabins and public areas ensure comfortable and stress-free exploration.
  • Dedicated staff: Receive compassionate and understanding support throughout your journey.
  • Adventure Ocean program: Children enjoy inclusive activities and flexible groupings led by trained staff.
  • Special dietary options: Cater to various needs with gluten-free, dairy-free, and other accommodations.

More than just a vacation, it’s an investment in inclusivity!

Choose to participate in two ways:

  • Book your dream cruise through Joey’s Journeys: A portion of your booking directly benefits the organization, allowing more families to experience the magic of travel.
  • Make a direct donation: Support Joey’s Journeys mission and help us create lasting memories for families with special needs children

Visit for details and booking information.

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Together, we can make a world of difference, one journey at a time!

We welcome others to join, please also pass this along to anyone else you might think would be interested in this kind of vacation.

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Main Contact
Add as many contacts and numbers as you like
If you have vacationed somewhere that is inclusive and 'special needs friendly', we would love to consider those for future vacations. Please add locations here.
Please share this with anyone else in the community or friends you like to travel with. Our Teachers, our coaches, our volunteers deserve the opportunity to travel with us as well.
What is the name of the person (people) in your family that will belong to Joey's Journey?
Autism, Downs, etc. (if you feel like sharing)

Expectations: We are an inclusive group, so whether a family member is on the Autistic spectrum, has Down Syndrome, lives an alternate lifestyle, or is simply looking for a fun vacation to go on with your own family and friends, please support this cause and come with us. Also remember, this is your vacation and there is no expectation for families to spend time with Joey or the group, go on any excursions together or even eat meals at the same time. Of course you are welcome to try and plan some of that, but if you also happen to bring others in your immediate family and you spend your time with them, even better! That is why a cruise is such a great vacation, there is always so much to do. And there will be thousands of other people there, so you can have your privacy as well.

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